A delightful young lady named Helena (day 14)

On our wedding at Skiathos (as mentioned in this post), us and the rest of the guests, especially our friends, had the most amazing time. So great actually, my brother refuses to keep it as memory-only. (P.S. As of today, i celebrate the two weeks of Project 365)

During hot, lazy days at the beach and long, crazy nights involving lots of alcohol, loud music and plenty of dancing, it’s inevitable that you will come across, at some point, with persons of the opposite gender. That’s how relationships are born and sweet memories are carved in our brains. Among his craziness and drunkenness, my brother met a delightful young lady named Helena. Now, a month after we left Skiathos, Helena, decided to pay us a visit back home for a few days.

This is a picture of them two, posing in available light. Nothing extreme in the picture other some slight post processing to fix colour balance and enhance the contrast.