Despina cooking

Wont talk a lot about this picture. This is Despina cooking in our kitchen, making koupepia

Koupepia as per Wikipedia, is a variant of Dolma. Quoting Wikipedia:

Dolma is a family of stuffed vegetable dishes.Common vegetables to stuff include tomato, pepper, onion, zucchini, andeggplant.In Cypriot cuisine, stuffed vine leaves are called koupepia (Greek: κουπεπια). Greek Cypriots call the rest of the stuffed vegetables either gemista ‘stuffed things’ or dolmades (plural of dolma). Meatless versions are called orfana ‘fake’; this may be for fasting or when stuffing zucchini flowers.

It takes a fair level of skill to make this delicious food; a healthy amount of patience too. You see, Despina made an approximate total of fifty pieces. A normal portion per person is about ten pieces if koupepia is all you will eat. So for a family serve, fifrty is the norm. To roll the fifty pieces, it took about an hour and a half and for cooking an additional hour or so. So in total, it took more than two and a half hours to do so. It all comes down to taste however and Despina nailed it. They did taste delicious.

Despina cooking was taken with a wide angle lens and only used one light source,  a small softbox (Lastolite Micro Apollo) on camera left 1/2 m. away and slightly above from Despina’s face. The picture is shot in -2 EV to keep ambience low.