Enjoy an ice cold beer on a warm day (day 9)

The best thing to do on a warm day (many may argue) is enjoy an ice cold beer. And that is exactly what my dear wife is doing. We went to Kakopetria (a small village up in the mountain of Troodos, Cyprus) in search of some coolness. The city had become unbearable  because of the high temperature. About 100 km and an hour later we reached to our destination only to realise that the temperature was not much different than Limassol.

Here, Despina is enjoying her ice cold beer sitting at some steps in the old village, trying to cool herself down a bit.

The picture was taken by balancing for the ambience and underexposing a bit to saturate the sky a bit. There is a single Speedlight on camera right gelled with a full CTO to warm up the cool daylight.