That 70s movie

There is some point in life where each one of us decides to take house decoration in his own hands and be creative. Unless you hold an interior design certificate or you are really talented in decoration, it usually ends up being a disaster.

I was sane enough not to try anything extreme. No crazy painting, no drilling the walls, no spending crazy cash for something utterly crap and ugly. We had a few orange bamboo lights hanging around in the house; you know the round paper ones that by the way are an excellent tool to soften light. It only took 5 minutes to switch the three out of four i had in the living room and needless to say that it transformed our living room to something resembling the red light district in Amsterdam. Obviously the first comment i received was to take them off immediately, which i did, but not before i take a few pictures.

The photo below is of my parents and Despina while discussing just after dinner time. The orange light with a tinted pink flavour hints of something out of a that 70s movie rolled on old film, dont you think?