The grand chef (day 7)

I have stopped attending the gym for some time now. At first it was the wedding, then it was the wedding cool-off period, then the gym was closed for the summer vacations, then it was the summer heat and now it’s the anticipation for the new “semester”. All were poor excuses to skip it for a while. Periodically I get glimpses of a healthier life and try to at least fix my diet. Below is my miserable attempt to get back in track with my nutrition. Needless to say that I failed miserably. A healthy portion of salmon was followed by a large chunk of pizza and a couple of beers.

The cooking event was documented to remind me of my diet catastrophe; alas the grand chef of the house. The image below was taken using just one Speedlight with a Lastolite Ezybox softbox on camera right just outside the frame. The picture was first exposed for the background and then a hint of flash was added to fill my silhouette.