These two again

I have got to stop taking photos are night. Got to find a day to work with the available light before sundown.

Only issue is that when i go home from work, the last thing i think about is starting a new project. What i do for a few hours after work is just relax on my couch, perhaps sleep for an hour or so until my batteries have recharged a bit, eat and only then i have the energy to shoot a photo. Shooting is so much more than just getting the camera and snapping pictures. I have to plan beforehand, even if this just ten minutes to figure out where to put my lights. After planing about it (see, trial-and-error with the lights) i asked them these two again to pose for me for a while. This is the best shot i could get out of the whole thing tonight. Surely not my best work but im already looking forward for tomorrow…

Lighting is simple once again. Im using a single light to light them; that being a speedlight in a Micro apollo softbox. The plant behind is being lit by the bleeding and underexposed ambient incandescent light.