This is called cheating (day 10)

Day 10 is all about merging groups of people. The past two posts, day 8 with Stephanos and Katia and day 9 with Despina, all took place within the same day.

This is called cheating but I couldn’t ignore three wonderful pictures and take two random ones just for the sake of the project. And since it was a full weekend event, I decided to cheat a little and split the weekend to three days. So todays post is about merging the two groups and having all people within a single frame.

All three stand on the Elia’s(olivetree) bridge (Το γεφύρι της Ελιάς), an ancient Venusian bridge preserved as a cultural/historical sight.

The scene is metered in matrix mode and underexposed by 1 EV to bring out some of the detail and colour of the sky. The group is illuminated by a single Speedlight handheld by my wife as can be clearly seen. The colours were also saturated a bit in post-production