Watch football and drink beer (day 13)

As time progresses, you will (for good or for bad) come across most of my family. Meet my cousin, Martinos

It’s fairly quiet here in Cyprus during summer. No major sports events with local athletes/teams involved, happening. That was up until a few years ago when suddenly local football teams started gaining power and joining major international football leagues. This year it’s AEL’s turn to reach close to the Champions’ league group stage. After a crazy year where they won the local championship, it was time to up their game to the next level. That’s when fans get crazy.

I don’t consider myself a fan of any local team but I wouldn’t miss the chance to go out, watch football and drink beer; my dear cousin either. So at the latest AEL’s game (vs Anderlecht; AEL won 2-1) we headed to a local café to do just that. But since I’m a devoted “Project 365” implementer I couldn’t not avoid taking my camera with me. Flashgun was a no-no unless I was looking for trouble by the teams fans so I used available light.

This is a normal portrait of my cousin during half-time. He was light by overhead LED lights and the ambient street lights.