Yet another kitchen shot

This is the second part of a series of kitchen shots. This was more about light trial and error than a form of art

Here i am again making yet another kitchen shot. Glancing at my post after i have published this i realize how odd and weird may look. Why is a guy so in love with his kitchen, anyway? Well, for starters its the only place in the couse where spot lights are available that i can use to try ambient exposure. Sure, the house is full of incandescent bulbs but these spot lights are the only ones that give a more interesting background than all the other lights. Not that the window is really interesting but at least i can get some variations between light and share, bright spots and dark spots.

Back to the shot. I used two speedlights to compose this picture. One was attached on my brand new Lastolite Ezybox Joe McNally version and the other one was snooted and gelled with a full CTO just behind me so that it separates me from the background. Both light sources are within a 1m. from me. I used the matrix reading for the camera to get the exposure and i deliberately underexposed by 2EV to give it a more saturated and interesting look.