My wife

This is my wife… officially. After getting married abroad, we were obliged to throw a wedding party back home for all those who did not manage to attend the wedding.

The picture below is of my wife, Despina. She is posing in front of our bedroom blinds. Surprisingly, the blind provides a nice background to the picture; it cannot be distinguished from an exclusive backdrop. There was no planning for the picture. As we arrived from work, Despina decided she wanted to give the dress a try. Note that this is not her wedding dress. She didn’t feel comfortable wearing the wedding dress again. i walked into the bedroom and saw her standing in front of the mirror trying to figure out if she liked the dress or not. To make her life easier, i proposed taking her picture so that she can see the dress from every angle. She agreed immediately and i quickly setup the lights.

The placement of the lights is simple. Despina is being lit by two flashguns, one being in an Ezybox softbox on camera left, close to my wife on a 45 degree angle and slightly higher than the eye level. The second flashgun is bouncing off the vertical wall on camera right to fill in the dark spots on the right.

No special post processing occurred but some slight cropping and straightening as well as some color shifting to cool the temperature a bit.