Copan and a small disappointment

Its 19:30, I’m half drunk and eating what tastes like the best barbecue i had in a long time.

As with every other night, i woke up at around 5:30-6:00 because of the jet lag. Trying to stay in bed and gain an additional 1-2 hours of sleep was a lost cause so we got up at around 6:30 to have breakfast. Seven found us having bfast at a small restaurant in the Copan village. It was just after bfast that we had our first disappointment. The Mayan ruins visit was canceled due to a local protest. We opted instead for the horseback riding to a small village a couple of km outside Copan. Admittedly this ended up being more fun and interesting than it sound. I have some amazing pictures taken and the experience was kind of cleansing. You see and feel the misery and struggle for survival first hand and yet you understand why people are so happy and smiley. As in regards to horseback riding, i’ll drop it there. Thing’s nice but also stressful to your buttocks.

Fast forwarding to now, hot springs are really nice. The way to get there was through a 45 minute ride through a dirt road. As with everything there wasn’t any means of formal transportation so we relied on the local travel media: a modified KIA truck; you know, the kind that is used for small scale road works to carry equipment or clay. The modifications included fitting narrow benches on both sides to be able to sit eight persons. We were exactly double that.

Hot springs were amazing. We spent all afternoon soaking into the small pools with varied temperatures. If water was too hot at one you could always jump to the one below. We all ended up following a similar pattern; starting off the hottest pool and ending with a few cans of beer to a colder one.

The day concluded with the way this post started. Eduardo arranged for a barbecue next to the springs, prepared by some locals. Beer and rum accompanied the dinner and helped making the bumpy ride back not so bumpy and long.