Copan (the way to)

This is the first big travel of the trip. We are leaving Antigua and heading towards Copan, a small tourist town in Honduras

Update: this is a double post because I’m having difficulty finding hotspots to connect to the internet. I guess thats how it will be from now on

We got up really early once again today mostly because of the jet lag. Eduardo recommended ‘Fernandos’ for breakfast. Fernandos is a lovely small family owned cafe next door to our hotel. We skipped the usual trip-like breakfasts (namely, Continental and English) simply because they were not offered by Fernandos. Instead we went for the typico breakfast; eggs with some sort of meat and onions, baked black beans with tortillas, local grilled fruits and homegrown and brewed black coffee with a shot of aromatic espresso.
We said goodbye to Fernando, headed around Antigua for one last time, packed our stuff and boarded a small bus to Copan.

The road towards Copan is long and bumpy. The itinerary states 200km to be traveled in a 6 hours timeframe which sounds painfully slow at first but in reality we had to climb up and down a big bunch of mountains which took a considerable amount of patience and long a/c-less periods because the bus could not handle both; the climb and the a/c.
The scenery reminds me of home. Lots of steep, dry hills with bursts of green vegetation. The flatlands on the other hand are filled with banana and mango trees.
The long trip concluded with a quick shower at our destination followed by a nice dinner at a local restaurant with the team. Great food, lots and lots of beer and amazing company made up for a really nice night.
More to come…