Day 1-2: Antigua

Antigua is beautiful and busy. The day was free to do as we pleased and explore this small city/village. Streets are made of cobblestones and the buildings which are no taller than 2 storeys high, are colorful and almost all of them feature beautiful private yards. We had lunch at one of these houses; most of them were now transformed to businesses like restaurants, cafes and markets.

On a side note, we really need to polish our spanish speaking skills. We ordered chicken with wild mushrooms and wine sauce and we received duck in some sort of barbecue sauce with roasted potatoes and salad. After the confusion/lunch we strolled a bit until it was time to make the initial contact with the rest of the team. Admittedly i was quite nervous because i had no idea what to expect. The meeting took place to the lobby yard of the hotel at 18:00 local time and it was as i had hoped. Cool people, relaxed and with a constant appetite for travel. Our CEO*, Eduardo is a local guy with 1,5 years experience in the particular route. The day concluded with a nice dinner with all team members at a local place called The Rainbow followed by drinks at a local salsa bar. More to come…

CEO = Chief Experience Officer

P.s.: It was officially the first washing done on this trip. Lots of these to follow i guess 🙂