Granada is the pretty sister of Leon. Once an also a candidate for capital city, Granada went through the same fight with Leon for the first spot. We reached Granada late in the afternoon and jumped straight in the shower.

We cleaned ourselves off the volcanic dust and gathered for the daily briefing. The day concluded with dinner by the main tourist area of the city.

The next day some of us purchased the tourist package for the area tour. We jumped on the minibus and headed first towards the Masaya volcano; an active volcano close to the Masaya village and 30 minutes away from Granada. The view of the active crater was breathtaking and although no lava was visible you could see and smell the heavy sulfuric smoke puffing off. The volcano tour included a small hike and also a trip to an underground lava bath inhabited by a few thousand bats.

After the volcano we headed towards the Masaya market. A colorful mesh of small, outdoor shops, food points and tourists. We spent about an hour there before heading to Catarina for lunch. Catarina was a small village with a panoramic view of the area and mainly the Laguna De Apoyo; translated directly as the support lagoon. That was also our next destination. We spent about an hour in the lagoon, some of us swimming some others enjoying a cold beer by the water.

For dinner, we headed back to Granada, joined the rest of the group and headed to a local Irish pub. We tried finding a good spot to spend the night, like a bar or a karaoke bar, to no avail. Everything was closed so we decide to host our own private party at the hotels pool; we all had a good time until it was bedtime we got kicked out of the pool for excessive noise

The day after we had breakfast to the Garden Cafe, a local indoors cafe, five minutes away from the hotel, walked through the city for some time and headed back to the hotel to catch the bus for our next destination; the Omatepe island.