Paradise (part 2)

With a bitter first experience of the island, i opened the door of room 4; an old wooden room on the ground floor of the basic hotel. Despina collapsed on the bed while i headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. As a final touch of the misery, a big cockroach crawled on the wall just above the shower. I squashed it and got into the shower.

The next day i woke up by the slight creak of the door; Despina had woken up really early and headed to the beach. I put on my clothes, grabbed my rain jacket and went out for an exploratory stroll. No activities were planned for the day. The weather was still bad, with mid-strong winds and rain. We spent some time on the beach and headed to Rudy’s for breakfast. Rudy’s was an open-plan breakfast place chocked in green plantation. We came across Jen, Danica, Magnus and his fiancé Sandra and joined them for a light breakfast. The company lift our mood up a bit while breakfast boosted our energy.

The rest of the day was spent on relaxing walks on the beach, visiting a few souvenir shops and hunting for a nail clipper. As always i miscalculated the time it took for my nails to grow. By day five, i already started competing with my wife in regards to their length. At night we joined the rest of the team for Thai food. After a big lunch i couldn’t handle any more food so i opted out for some chicken wings and beer. Despina took a bite from the wings; soon after she had to run back to the hotel to hit the toilet. Poor girl still suffered from the ferry trip. That also concluded our night.