Suitcase reloaded

Suitcase reloaded

Suitcase is a clothing brand name; a fashion startup business of a young and talented designer located in my home town of Limassol. You may remember Suitcase from a photoshoot earlier this year displaying the first line of clothes for the spring collection. The owner of the business asked me to do a second photoshoot. This time we opted out for the studio type with a twist… three twists, actually. Behold Suitcase reloaded!

The first twist, was actually the twisted nature of the photography concept. We are talking about chains, helmets, head hoods and BDSM-like poses. If not just plain-interesting, this concept is aimed to create a high impact series of pictures aimed to draw the viewers to the particular brand; additionally hiding the faces creates a mystery around the brand and focuses on the clothes instead of the models.

The second twist of the photoshoot was that although shot in a studio, the end-product would be a composite. Out goes the traditional plain colour background and in comes “the whole world”. This means that I can effectively add a background at-will, tailor made to fit the photoshoot nature. For me it means tons of play and for the client, unlimited choice of sceneries to fit their product line.

The third twist is that the whole concept and implementation is all new to me! Very few times I had the chance to actually do composites with such an interesting subject.

The only downside of the whole process is time allocation. Sure enough we were able to finish the photoshoot within a five hour session. The time consuming objectives start after this. It’s a delicate process to match the poses and feel with a background, the figure perspective with the scenery perspective and the lighting of the models with how the background is illuminated. However people understand that I am quite nuts about photography. Adding the element of challenge to this, and the person asking me to take upon such an assignment knows that they have a proposal in their hands which is very difficult for me to turn down. For more of this work, visit the commercial section of my website. I’m sure it’s hard to miss!