Preparing for a new trip

We haven’t had a chance to relax a bit from our previous trips. Just a few months after the safari in Kenya and the snowboarding trip to Bulgaria, we came across a very appealing proposal from our Muay Thai Kru for a near-future trip. No questions asked, we jumped the gun and set sail for the new adventure

My passion for photography is not met with the same enthusiasm by my wife. Sure, she’s supportive and all but up to a certain level, and its a threshold reached easily. But one thing we have in common is traveling; more her than me. I enjoy working with people (therefore I’m a portrait photographer) so acceptance comes natural when I’m offered the chance to get to meet and live with people of different ethnicities. This time, our trip is a two week travel to Thailand comprised by a week of Muay Thai training in Bangkok and a relaxing week in Phuket. So its all great. Thailand and the Thai’s are already interesting photogenically and the many colorful and messy neighborhoods in Bangkok host a magnitude of personalities,hopefully akin to be captured. But as always we like mixing things a bit and other than the touristy attractions we opted to include our signature traveling habits; getting up close and personal with the locals and living their way of living.

Thailand will be our initial and our final destination but in between we chose to visit to Laos and Cambodia. So we fly out of Bangkok after a five day stay and head to Luang Prabang where we’ll join a local trekking tour taking us through a number of villages, offering a nights home-stay in one of the villages with a local family before trekking back to our departure point. I can already visualize myself going camera crazy and shooting everything i consider interesting and i highly doubt there will be uninteresting subjects there. I just hope my enthusiasm is met with understanding by the locals who will probably go temporary blind by me constantly flashing in their faces.

Leaving Luang Prabang, we’ll head to Siem Reap for a two day visit to Angkor Wat, one of the most amazing templar heritages in the world. Best known to us Westerners from the Angelina Jolie’s blockbuster “Tomb Raider”, Angkor Wat is a traveling photographers paradise offering unique landscapes of outstanding man-made temples especially during the wet season and its going to be the wet season indeed. Having done the mistake to our trip to Africa not to take my normal gear, this trip will be the ultimate test for my beloved camera and its accompanying lenses.

Angkor Wat will be followed by a relaxing two day stay to the beautiful Phuket where we’ll join the rest of the group. At that point i may give it a rest and enjoy the Phuket experience; sipping cocktails on the white-sand beaches during the day and enjoying amazing Thai food followed by more alcohol and partying throughout the night. So here it is, the main event of this years summer. We have already started preparing for a new trip but we are far from ready. More to follow during the trip as well as a whole lot more before that. Stay tuned and stay safe!