Fashion Editorial: The Catholics project

I admit it; when it comes to fashion trends I painfully lag behind. You won’t see me following the latest trend nor I dress or accessorize according to today’s fashion. As a matter of fact, im grateful  to my other half that has taken up the task to refresh my wardrobe every once in a while. Without her intervention, I would literally end up with piles and piles of aging rugs called “clothes”. But what I lack in fashion knowledge, I try making up for my client’s vision.Enter Jenifer Charalambides and The Catholics project.

Jenifer is a fashion graduate and a talented up-and-coming stylist/creative director I had the luck to cross paths with. I got a call from Jenifer on a Thursday night and before thinking too much about it, we agreed upon a commissioned session on the following Saturday. I hung up the phone, sat on my couch and then it hit me; I only had one day to research and visualize Jenifers concept, visit the location, do some test shots and prepare my gear.

The concept was called “Catholics” and the key idea was to give the pictures a dark, moody and religious feel. Jenifer was kind enough to forward me her mood board which proved to be extremely helpful in order to pre-visualize the concept.

Dark and moody translated to deep shadows high contrast with almost a lifeless feel to it. We were shooting at noon so blue would be the dominant colour which would also help giving a sense of mystery to the pictures.

The location was also known and the place was an absolute spot-on. The photoshoot would take place in some church ruins which further accentuated the concept. Xenia, our lovely model, was an absolute joy to work with and her distinct look blended wonderfully with Jenifer’s styling as well as the photoshoot location. Overcoming the strong winds and the dusty environment, we were left with some stunning pictures which promised an even more impressive final look.

After Jenifer selected the pictures she favored, using an online proofing gallery, the real fun begun. Buying brick and mortar to build a house, is what the photoshoot is to a photography session.  The photoshoot requires the least time and effort to the end product. The post-production takes up the biggest chunk of time towards completion and it’s the most critical part of the process. Its where the draft captures turn into a solid pictures. And my, did we create some solid pictures! Check them out below…