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Fashion Editorial: The Catholics project

I admit it; when it comes to fashion trends I painfully lag behind. You won’t see me following the latest trend nor I dress or accessorize according to today’s fashion. As a matter of fact, im grateful  to my other half that has taken up the task to refresh my wardrobe every once in a ... Read More
Thailand, Laos, Cambodia

Thailand, Laos, Cambodia

In our recent trip i was debating whether i should take my full blown camera gear with me. Im no fan of carrying excessive weight when travelling for pleasure. My dissatisfaction is more amplified when the added weight is costly making me worrisome that it may get lost, destroyed or stolen. Add to this the ... Read More

Photographers dont work for free

From my limited experience as a start-up photographer I am facing a few dilemmas which I presume all fresh professions do when they start building their photography business. What inspired me to write this post is first-hand experience with the matter (or matters) and online material from well-known and award winning commercial photographers who brought ... Read More

Cant beat the sun

After a quiet winter and an amazing trip, I’m back to photography related topics. As you may (or may not) know I have been trying to sell my current camera and strobe equipment for some time as i feel limited and i have to move on to something that will allow me to up my ... Read More

Ometepe and the two day homestay

Opetepe is a small island in the middle of lake Nicaragua that was born by the rise of two volcanos. Once a dry non inhabitable area, the island was now covered in green, jungle like vegetation and hosted a small community. We would live with the locals; that was our two nights home stay of ... Read More


Granada is the pretty sister of Leon. Once an also a candidate for capital city, Granada went through the same fight with Leon for the first spot. We reached Granada late in the afternoon and jumped straight in the shower.

Bye bye Roatan (part 3)

The next day the weather was mildly better but only by a slight margin. The winds had subsided and the sea seemed calmer. The weather conditions of the previous days had clouded my desire to go for scuba diving since there was no way i would get on a boat unless i was violently dragged ... Read More