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Paradise (part 2)

With a bitter first experience of the island, i opened the door of room 4; an old wooden room on the ground floor of the basic hotel. Despina collapsed on the bed while i headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. As a final touch of the misery, a big cockroach crawled on the ... Read More

Copan (the way to)

This is the first big travel of the trip. We are leaving Antigua and heading towards Copan, a small tourist town in Honduras Update: this is a double post because I’m having difficulty finding hotspots to connect to the internet. I guess thats how it will be from now on

Day 1-2: Antigua

Antigua is beautiful and busy. The day was free to do as we pleased and explore this small city/village. Streets are made of cobblestones and the buildings which are no taller than 2 storeys high, are colorful and almost all of them feature beautiful private yards. We had lunch at one of these houses; most ... Read More

Light modifiers

As per title, this post is all about light modifiers, and light modifiers only. I’ve had the luck to attend a couple of friends weddings this passed couple of weeks. The events were great. What struck me however was the choice of the light modifiers for the on-location event coverage.

Stephanos and Markitas wedding

Its wedding period in Cyprus. Most couples choose to get married somewhere within the Spring or Autumn period. This is mainly because it’s too hot during summer and quite cold and wet to get married during the winter. That’s exactly the case with Stephanos and Markitas wedding. No complicated lighting setups and big light modifiers ... Read More

The man behind the lens

Yet, another self portrait, showing the man behind the lens. This image was taken by using 2 speedlights and a white wall.

Balancing flash with ambience

Welcome to the first lesson about speedlights. The previous week’s post was a mix of a casual and fast-set photo shoot with a quick setup description mostly concerning light and placement of strobes in space. This weeks lesson is more focused towards the education part and touches the topic of balancing flash with ambience.