Christophoros Papachristophorou is a Cypriot born photographer based in Limassol, Cyprus. He has been interested in photography since 2006 when he got his hands on a Fuji bridge camera while studying in the UK. Since the early days he has shown strong interest into capturing people; this has helped to sculpt and redefine his photography style concentrating more into glamour, beauty and portrait photography. What mostly excites Christophoros about people, is how dynamic the nature of the human figure is. It can vary from abstract forms consisting of lines and curves, to specific figures and has the power to intrigue and stimulate senses. The human figure can radiate happiness, sadness, beauty, desire when strategically placed behind the photographic lens.

Christophoros holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in computing science. He currently resides in his hometown, Limassol, and is married to Despina who he considers his inspiration. Despina is the one who pushed Christophoros towards photography as she is the one who gave him his first bridge camera. Since then she has been helping him with his assignments.

Christophoros has shot various assignments ranging from music bands, wedding photo shoots and glamour photo shoots as well as beauty assignments for various requestors. His website maintains a gallery section outlining his work as well as a blog section updated on a frequent basis which mostly covers noteworthy moments from his life as well as educational material regarding photographic techniques.

Christophoros is on a constant learning path to master flash photography and craft the art of light and aiming to create a showcase of his work through local public exhibitions and internationally, throughout his website.