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Photographers dont work for free

From my limited experience as a start-up photographer I am facing a few dilemmas which I presume all fresh professions do when they start building their photography business. What inspired me to write this post is first-hand experience with the matter (or matters) and online material from well-known and award winning commercial photographers who brought ... Read More

Cant beat the sun

After a quiet winter and an amazing trip, I’m back to photography related topics. As you may (or may not) know I have been trying to sell my current camera and strobe equipment for some time as i feel limited and i have to move on to something that will allow me to up my ... Read More

Light modifiers

As per title, this post is all about light modifiers, and light modifiers only. I’ve had the luck to attend a couple of friends weddings this passed couple of weeks. The events were great. What struck me however was the choice of the light modifiers for the on-location event coverage.

Balancing flash with ambience

Welcome to the first lesson about speedlights. The previous week’s post was a mix of a casual and fast-set photo shoot with a quick setup description mostly concerning light and placement of strobes in space. This weeks lesson is more focused towards the education part and touches the topic of balancing flash with ambience.

My wife

This is my wife… officially. After getting married abroad, we were obliged to throw a wedding party back home for all those who did not manage to attend the wedding.

These two again

I have got to stop taking photos are night. Got to find a day to work with the available light before sundown.

That 70s movie

There is some point in life where each one of us decides to take house decoration in his own hands and be creative. Unless you hold an interior design certificate or you are really talented in decoration, it usually ends up being a disaster.