The Experience

Our guarantee

Being a firm believer that you should always get the best you deserve, we aim to deliver top quality results for our clients. Our mission is to excel in the imaging industry by providing products of unsurpassed quality while maintaining a superb customer experience to our prospective clients followed by our long term commitment to the after sales support. We are proud of our images, which are derived throughout a carefully planned workflow and constant client interaction.

Prior to the photoshoot

By choosing us for your photographic assignments, we are committed to provide you with second-to-none possible experience from start to finish. By the very first stages, long before the photoshoot, we will contact you to set up some brief meetings in order to better understand your requirements, help you setup the timeline and follow up with some tips leading to and during the photoshoot day. At the same time and throughout all the before and after the photoshoot stages we will make sure all your questions are answered.

…and after

Following the photoshoot, we will preprocess the majority of the images and produce drafts which we will present to you and help you choose the best images out of the stack. The chosen images will be further refined, retouched and revised in order to match your expectations before you are given the final eye-candy, polished product your friends and family can admire.