PreSession meeting and consulting

We pride at our results but that doesn’t come without the necessary preparation before the actual photoshoot. Prior to any session we require a face-to-face meeting (or through webex, skype, etc) with our clients in order to discuss the details and get a feel of the character and the needs of them. We consult in terms of the clothing, time and day of the photoshoot, the location and the background, the mood of the final pictures, the expected result and any other tiny detail that needs to be addressed beforehand as well as answering all clients questions beforehand.

Online proofing

During photoshoots, a large amount of pictures is created. While because our customers are amazing, most of the pictures are simply awesome; others more than the rest. That’s why for each photoshoot we methodically handpick a bunch that stand out and create a password protected, secret gallery our customers can access and select the ones that appeal more to them. There’s no bad choices during this stage; its all about personal preference.

One hour post-processing per picture

While others settle with basic post-processing, we pride ourselves in giving you the best possible outcome by spending considerable time in retouching. Mediocracy is a forbidden word in our business; we seek and only provide excellence. That’s why we process each individual picture for at least one hour in Photoshop to correct even the slightest detail. It’s the sum of all fine details that make a good picture, simply stunning.

Custom designed DVD

All customers regardless of the package they choose are entitled to a custom designed DVD with all their preselected pictures. The DVD includes the full resolution pictures for printing as well as optimized images for use online & the social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc) as well as optimized images for display in tablets like iPad.


  • 15 high resolution retouched pictures
  • 50 color/tonal corrected images
  • Pre-session meetings & consulting
  • 2 hour photoshoot session
  • Online proofing gallery
  • 10 hours of post processing through Photoshop
  • DVD with high resolution images


  • 40 high resolution retouched pictures
  • 150 color/tonal corrected images
  • Pre-session meetings & consulting
  • 5 hour photoshoot session
  • Online proofing gallery
  • 35 hours of post processing through Photoshop
  • DVD or USB with high resolution images


On top of our standard packages we also offer tailor-made packages.
The tailor-made packages offer the flexibility to design your own package according to your needs.
If you are a fashion professional that may need more pictures than the traditional packages offer, pictures that need not to be post processed in Photoshop (i.e. for use in online shops) or anything else that is not listed in the standard packages you can contact us directly for a quote regarding a tailor-made package
Pricing on tailor-made packages is calculated on a per-picture basis and can be combined together with a package for bigger savings.

To get more information about tailor-made packages or request a quote, contact us with your questions or your requirements via the GET IN TOUCH form, or directly via