The technical stuff

How our images are made

A top chef will only use the finest ingredients for his signature plates. Likewise, we only use the top equipment to achieve unparalleled quality in our images. When it comes down to quality and reliability we take no shortcuts and leave nothing in fate. From our camera hardware, down to the lenses, our lighting systems, our computing equipment and our storage facilities, only the best of the best are used.

The ingredients

Top of the range Nikon camera bodies, lenses and flashguns are used. For camera bodies we use D800E’s. As for 24-70mm f/2.4, 85mm f/1.8.

For studio lighting and larger productions we use equipment made by Elinchrom; the Swiss pioneeds in ultra high precision lighting

For portable lights we use Nikon’s SB-600 and SB-700 flashguns

We only shoot RAW. Period. We feel that the RAW files allow the greatest flexibility and information retention of an image when processing our images. RAW files is as the name implies, raw data from the processor directly to the computer. The RAW file is unaffected by lighting temperature, brightness, contrast, vibrance and exposure within limits. This allows us to colour match a recorded scene exactly as the human eye perceives it. For you, this means that the final product will match what you have experienced precisely.

All RAW files are being post-processed on accurately calibrated monitors using pro-level hardware calibration. This means that our monitors are able to reproduce correct colour and tonal ranges; a vital step to ensure an accurate result

All of our files are stored on double backed up hard drives. This means that in case of mechanical issues, your photos are safe and nothing gets lost.

The final products are ultra high quality JPEG files given to you or sent for printing ensuring virtually no loss of quality as well as great compatibility with 99% of any hardware systems owned by you.