The Sessions

An enjoyable experience

Our sessions are easily adaptable and we do our best to accommodate our client requirements and deliver stunning results

With each session you will receive one hour of initial briefing, one hour of pre-photoshoot consultation, about two hours in front of the camera, online selection gallery for your viewing and preselecting your final images and bonus credit towards the final product

The Portrait Session

The portrait session is about you; its about your character, your ethics, your mood, your expressions. Its about the about the person in front of the lens and a wonderful way to create beautiful memories unfaded by time for you, or a special, loved one.

This session is for individuals or small groups that wish to portray a particular look for their personal use or for public viewing. We recommend three types of portraiture; casual, conceptual or environmental.

Casual portraits are also recommended for individuals wishing to dive in other types of photography, like fashion or beauty. Its a chance to get completely comfortable with the lens and find out about how to best pose in a relaxed manner.

Environmental portraits are recommended if you would like to show how you interact with your immediate environment; that being your workspace, your shop, your playground. Whatever the case, our images will beautifully help passing along the connection between the person and its surroundings.

Conceptual portraits bring your imagination to life. They are the portraits that wrap around an idea, a concept you may have and make it a reality. So are you ready to bring your dreams to life?

Ideal for

  • Casual portraits
  • Introduction to other photography genres such as fashion and beauty
  • Business related portraits
  • Including your surroundings in the picture
  • Concepts and ideas


The Fashion session

This session is about fashion. Its all a fashion designer would like to promote, a fashion business owner would like to advertise or a prospective/professional model would wish for.

Its a great match for agencies or any fashion professionals wishing to create stunning images of their models or their clothing collections though a highly energetic and dynamic session.

Ideal for

  • Boutique owners
  • Fashion designers
  • Models


The Beauty Session

While fashion is all about the clothing, beauty is all about the person.

For every woman, there’s a lot more than her fancy, go-out clothing.

The female figure is stunning and our images are the best way to celebrate it and cherish it for years to come

Ideal for

  • Full body portraits
  • Tasteful intimate portraits
  • Clothed or partially clothed