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Day 1-2: Antigua

Antigua is beautiful and busy. The day was free to do as we pleased and explore this small city/village. Streets are made of cobblestones and the buildings which are no taller than 2 storeys high, are colorful and almost all of them feature beautiful private yards. We had lunch at one of these houses; most ... Read More

Project 365!

Project 365 is exactly what the name suggests behind the title with a few words omitted. It would be better understood if it was named Project Take a Photo a Day for a Year (365 days) but for simplicity and briefness it’s just called Project 365. As the long title suggests, it’s mostly a personal ... Read More

Back with a bang!

The site’s been dead for quite some time now but now its back with a bang! Due to personal reasons, lack of time, many things happening in my life but also due to a fair amount of boredom, I neglected it; and photography also. The site has also been stripped down from my previous website ... Read More