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Fashion Editorial: The Catholics project

I admit it; when it comes to fashion trends I painfully lag behind. You won’t see me following the latest trend nor I dress or accessorize according to today’s fashion. As a matter of fact, im grateful  to my other half that has taken up the task to refresh my wardrobe every once in a ... Read More

Stephanos and Markitas wedding

Its wedding period in Cyprus. Most couples choose to get married somewhere within the Spring or Autumn period. This is mainly because it’s too hot during summer and quite cold and wet to get married during the winter. That’s exactly the case with Stephanos and Markitas wedding. No complicated lighting setups and big light modifiers ... Read More

The man behind the lens

Yet, another self portrait, showing the man behind the lens. This image was taken by using 2 speedlights and a white wall.

Despina cooking

Wont talk a lot about this picture. This is Despina cooking in our kitchen, making koupepia